Definitions for "Performance criteria"
The indicators of the global construct 'performance'; usually only of relevance when several individual aspects are combined. Examples of performance criteria e. g. for a sales-related activity, are: the number and value of sales closed, the record quality of the individual's own work, willingness to cooperate in team, etc.
Written standards used by an evaluator to judge whether an individual can perform a skill or has demonstrated knowledge.
Written statements of standards which an assessor uses to judge whether an individual can perform an activity.
Conditions on IMF loans which must be implemented in order to access the money.
Measurable and observable indicators, such as monetary and budgetary targets or structural policy adjustments, that must be met, typically on a quarterly basis, for a member government to qualify for purchases under a country's arrangement with the IMF. These indicators measure a country's implementation of conditions agreed to under the country's IMF program.
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(voir Critère de performance) Minimal level by which an objective is considered to be attained.
The expected levels of achievement which are set within the SLA against specific Key Performance Indicators.
Measures based on kinematic and dynamic models of the robot useful for evaluating the state of the robot.