Definitions for "IMF"
The IMF, or International Monetary Fund, was established after World War II...
International Monetary Fund, created in 1945; headquarters in Washington.
Interplanetary Magnetic Field. The solar wind carries with it the Sun's coronal magnetic field as the interplanetary magnetic field. A 'southward' pointing IMF (i.e. towards the south magnetic pole) can initiate and maintain geomagnetic activity. On average the IMF is zero, but values more than about 10 nT southward will typically drive magnetic storms and substorms, depending on the duration of sustained southward field. Back to the top.
The magnetic field of the Sun drawn out by the solar wind that fills interplanetary space. The direction of the IMF controls much of the activity in the magnetosphere. When the IMF points southward, the IMF can interconnect with Earth's own magnetic field. This allows solar wind energy and particles to enter the magnetosphere leading to magnetically disturbed conditions like geomagnetic storms.
interplanetary magnetic field. The magnetic field carried with the solar wind.
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Impossible Mission Force
Impossible Missions Force
Internationaal Monetair Fonds
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Int'l Myeloma Foundation
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nternational onetary und. See World Bank.
Information Management Framework. The Information Management Framework, approved by the Deputy Ministers' Committee in 2003, is a corporate framework, which fosters a disciplined approach to managing information assets that is consistent across the government. Its focus on information content and the use of information will enable the government to capitalize on the value of its information assets.
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IMF is an audio file format created by id Software for the Ad Lib sound card for use in their video games. The default filename extension is also "imf". The abbreviation stands for "id music file" or "id's music format".
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Initial Mass Function