Definitions for "SDR"
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Special Drawing Right. An artificial currency unit based upon several national...
Special Deputy Receiver.  Private sector individuals contracted to administer receivership estates under the authority of the Commissioner as Receiver.
SmartDraw Drawing
Selective dorsal rhizotomy. Selective dorsal rhizotomy of the lumbrosacral nerves is a neurosurgical procedure designed in 1978 to treat spasticity in the lower extremities of children with cerebral palsy.
Selective dorsal rhizotomy. From the Greek words, rhizo, meaning root, and tome, meaning to cut, a rhizotomy is a surgical procedure in which cranial or spinal nerve roots are cut; the operation is performed to relieve intractable pain (anterior root rhizotomy) or to stop severe muscle spasms (posterior root rhizotomy).
Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. A neurosurgical procedure. "Dorsal" means that the operation is done on the nerves that are toward the the spine. "Rhizotomy" means cutting of the nerves. Used by some pediatric neurosurgeons as a treatment for lower limb spacticity.
Software defined radio. A radio in a mobile communications environment whose channel modulation waveforms are defined in software. That is, waveforms are generated as sampled digital signals, converted from digital to analog, and then upconverted to RF. The receiver, similarly, employs a wideband analog to digital converter (ADC) that captures all of the channels of the software radio node. The receiver then extracts, downconverts, and demodulates the channel waveform using software on a general purpose processor. Return
Sometimes shortened to software radio (SR), SDR refers to wireless communication in which the transmitter modulation is generated or defined by a computer, and the receiver uses a computer to recover the signal intelligence. SDR allows network operators to simultaneously support multiple communications standards on one network infrastructure without begin bound by a particular standard.
(software-defined radio) is a radio communication system that uses software to control a variety of modulation techniques, wide-band or narrow-band operation, communications security functions and waveform requirements of current and evolving standards over a broad frequency range.
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State Domestic Raisings. These were issued by the governments of Queensland and Tasmania to the then Commonwealth Savings Bank under, respectively, the Savings Bank Amalgamation Agreement and the State Savings Bank Transfer Agreement. Under the Financial Agreement Act 1994, SDRs are administered as CGS by the Commonwealth on behalf of Queensland and Tasmania.
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State Director Review: An appeal of the DR/FONSI, CE, or other agency action to the state director of the BLM.
See System Design Review
Strategic Defence Review
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S&P Samurai bond
Acronym for "Secret Decoder Ring":, denoting an attempt to translate political, public relations, legaleze, technical, jargon or insider language into plain english.
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South Devon Railway
Surveillance detection run; a route designed to erode or flush out surveillance without alerting them to an operative's purpose.
secure domain router. A collection of line cards and route processors that form a complete router. Each router contains its own instance of dynamic routing, IP stack, system database, interface manager, and event notification system.
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Sensor data record
As opposed to DDR (Double Data Rate), SDR (Single Data Rate) refers to the transfer of information on the falling edge of the clock cycle. With DDR, data is transferred on both the rising and falling edge of the clock cycle resulting in twice as much data throughput.
Singapore Depositary Receipt. Depositary receipts listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, allowing non-Singapore companies to access Asian investors.
Session DiRectory - An MBONE scheduling tool
abbreviation for Standard Dimension Ratio.
The SDR stands for Standard Dimension Ratio. The wall thickness of the pipe has a direct ratio to the diameter of the pipe.
Specific Discharge Rate. Is the required discharge rate of the emitter, divided by the distance between emitters, expressed as L/hr/m.
Abbreviation for System Data Repository. A repository of system information describing SP hardware and operating characteristics.
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service difficulty report
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Source Directed Requirement
System Design Responsibility
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