Definitions for "ECB"
European Central Bank (ECB). The central bank empowered to manage monetary policy...
European Central Bank. Established on June 1, 1998. With the 11 national central banks of the participating member States, it constitutes the Euro system. Based in Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany).
The Central Bank of the European Union
Event Control Block. Control block used for the control of asynchronous processes in IBM mainframes.
Electrically controlled birefringence
event control bit. A bit assigned to each queue to signal the arrival or departure of an element.
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ECB is a file/code browser for Emacs. It can be used to browse any type of file and supports parsing of Java, C, C++, Elisp and some other code like perl, TeX, LaTeX.
Electronic Code Book
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See electronic codebook.
English Composition Board
England Cricket Board
Etched Circuit Board.
External Commercial Borrowing
External Commercial Borrowings