Definitions for "Single European Act"
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Treaty, signed in Luxembourg and The Hague and entering into force 1 July 1987, completing the Single Market. See Europe 1992.
The 1986 treaty which amended the Treaty of Rome (1957) and helped complete the European single market.
Act intended to eliminate barriers on trade and capital flows between and among European countries.
An agreement that allows free movement of goods and services, workers and capital between Member States of the EU. Small and medium enterprises Generally indigenous Irish firms with a turnover of less than €250,000 and a workforce not exceeding 50 employees. :: NDP (9th Edition) :: NDP (6th Edition) :: Allied Irish Banks (6th Edition) :: Enterprise Ireland (6th Edition) Social Cohesion This concept includes values and principles, which aim to ensure that all citizens have access to fundamental social and economic rights. Under this concept, all citizens are treated without discrimination and are on an equal footing.:: An Garda Siochana (9th Edition) Social Enterprise Any enterprise, which is non-profit and is undertaken for the purpose of self-help or to benefit others. :: Irish League of Credit Unions (6th Edition)
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