Definitions for "Agreement"
State of agreeing; harmony of opinion, statement, action, or character; concurrence; concord; conformity; as, a good agreement subsists among the members of the council.
Concord or correspondence of one word with another in gender, number, case, or person.
The correspondence in number and person of a subject and verb (the dog barks, dogs bark) or in number and gender of a pronoun and its antecedent (the team boarded its bus, the members carrying their bags).
A concurrence in an engagement that something shall be done or omitted; an exchange of promises; mutual understanding, arrangement, or stipulation; a contract.
One of the four components of a legal contract requiring that both parties concur with its terms and provisions. (See also, Offer and Acceptance.)
Mutual consent.
the process whereby the form of one word requires a corresponding form of another - for example, the plural form boys requires a plural form of the demonstrative determiner these/* this: these boys vs * this boys.
compatibility of observations; "there was no agreement between theory and measurement"; "the results of two tests were in correspondence"
the Purchase Agreement, including the cover page and all Addenda, Exhibits and Schedules, Confidentiality Agreement and Bid Forms executed by Purchaser and Seller.
a cornerstone in the relationship between Norway and the European Union
a cornerstone of our cooperation with Europe, and an active European policy is one of our key focus areas
an important instrument for Norway in order to secure a level playing field and equal access to our closest and largest markets
When the people involved in a legal dispute agree about something.
The legally-binding documents that defines the rights and obligations between TradeSports and its account holders. The TradeSports' agreement comprises four documents; the Exchange Rules, Sports Rules, Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Consents.
a legal document which sets out the rights and obligations of care recipients and providers of aged care facilities
The definition of terms and conditions under which a working relationship will be conducted.
means these terms and conditions (including the Rate Card).
The credit card issuer or bank will send you a cardholder agreement that describes the terms and conditions that apply to your card. The Truth-in-Lending Act of 1988 requires all credit card issuers to disclose upfront their most important contract terms which includes interest rate charged, method of calculating interest, and any transaction fees.
A contact (meeting of the minds) or arrangement for a consideration between two or more parties.
the thing arranged or agreed to; "they made arrangements to meet in Chicago"
a dynamic arrangement
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party is in agreement (with another) when its stated intentions are compatible with the other's position. There is an agreement when all parties are in agreement with each other.
a small unit of information that is sufficient to indicate that both parties have agreed on a common proposal
a written or unwritten accord between Parties which determines Rights or entitlements in relation to Creations for a given Place and Time
The language, oral or written, embodying reciprocal promises.
Written agreement between an employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier or a self-insured employer and an employee with a compensable work-related injury or occupational disease specifying the type and amount of workers' compensation benefit paid to the employee. An agreement must be made using the Workers' Compensation Commission's "Voluntary Agreement", Form WCC-1.
a document containing written promises that need to be complied by both seller and buyer
an extremely encouraging sign
The Agreement governs the relationship between Client and Internet Service provider Zenon N.S.P. and the use of Services. One Agreement can include several Personal Accounts. You can access the text of the Agreement and other official papers on our site. You can also request the printed and signed Agreement text to be sent you by post. To do so log on the statistics server as Master and click "Agreement" link.
The FXDirectDealer Customer Agreement. All clients must read and sign the FXDD Customer Agreement before opening an account with FXDD.
a clear demonstration of our collective commitment to transparency and to increasing and sustained communication with civil society
a significant advancement in co-operation between wild fisheries and the aquaculture industry, and their shared aims to sustainably manage both farmed and wild salmonids in the Western Isles
harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters; "the two parties were in agreement"
a method for coordinating action between two or more people
Agreement measures the extent to which two sets of scores (e.g., scores obtained from two raters) are identical. Agreement involves a more stringent matching of two variables than does covariation, which implicitly allows one to change the mean (by adding a constant) and/or to change the variance (by multiplying by a constant) for either or both variables before checking the match.
a lenghy and complex treaty between Canada, the U
a promise by the United States to live up to certain standards, although, if you go back and actually look at the language of this particular treaty, it is rather ambiguous
a serious concern for European and American carmakers in Thailand
means the legal agreement between DCITA and a Provider concerning the supply of Services or Wholesale Services under the Program.
agreement - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
EThe Israelis and Palestinians should try to negotiate a peace agreement.
In PeopleSoft eSettlements, provides a way to group and specify processing options, such as payment terms, pay from a bank, and notifications by a buyer and supplier location combination.
the verbal act of agreeing
a verbal or written resolution of disputed issues.
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a kind of debt
A plan made between two souls, usually before incarnating, to work together on the physical plane in a particular way. There are many kinds of agreements, including to help one another in a variety of ways or to have a particular kind of relationship, such as that of mate or parent/child.
an act in the law whereby two or more persons declare their consent as to any act or thing to be done or foreborne by some or one of those persons for the benefit of the others or other of them
Refers to the IRP Plan itself, or to other reciprocal agreements, or among jurisdictions.
an initial requirement to contribute code to the OpenOffice project
When employee and manager acknowledge that established goals are attainable and coincide with the company's business vision and objectives.
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a backward step
a significant development that may affect the Office's inquiry into digital transmissions of music
An Insuring Agreement is a part of an insurance policy describing coverage. Elsewhere in the policy there may be sections that restrict or exclude coverages.
An agreement we have with each of the private hospitals, day-patient units and scanning centres listed in the Directory of Hospitals. Each Agreement sets out the standards of clinical care, the range of services provided and the associated costs.
a must whenever the use of premises is given to a private individual or an organization
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a perfect example
The Customer Agreement and all documents and authorizations executed by Customer in connection with the maintenance of Customer's Account (regardless of when such documents and authorizations are executed), as amended from time to time.
a detailed description of when the children will be with each parent
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a good fit for your department
a statement of permitted operations, applied to a given object or set of objects, for a given user or set of users
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a set of rules that will govern that distribution
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an agreed upon relation
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The Group Agreement.