Definitions for "Subcontract"
A contract under, or subordinate to, a previous contract.
Term defined in the Model Contract as "an agreement to provide services, supplies or goods concluded between a contractor and one or more subcontractors for the specific needs of the project."(FR:Contrat de sous-traitance)
A formal arrangement by which responsibility for a sizeable portion of the scope of work is transferred from the University to a third party.
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A subcontract is issued to a vendor is a dealer, distributor, merchant or other seller providing goods or services that are necessary for conducting a federal program. These goods or services may be for an organization’s own use or for the use of beneficiaries of the federal program “ Techniques for Monitoring Federal Subawards,” page, 6. UTMB applies full F&A to the entire amount of the subcontract. A vendor provides the following: Goods and services within normal business operations; Similar goods or services to many different purchasers; Operates in a competitive environment; Provides goods or services that are ancillary to the operation of the Federal program; and Is not subject to compliance requirements of the Federal program. OMB Circular A-133, Subpart B, Section .210
a contractual document which legally transfers the responsibility and effort of providing goods, services, data, or other hardware, from one firm to another.
where a large company, e.g. Nike, arranges for its goods to be produced by another company.
a legal document used when a grant recipient chooses to employ another organization to carry out a portion of the grant for a specified fee
Funds received from a primary grant recipient to support the costs associated with carrying out a portion of the grant project. Usually, it is not necessary to submit a proposal to receive a subcontract, although submission of a budget is usually required. The primary grant recipient and or the funding source generally requires a “Memorandum of Agreement: (MOA) describing the specific agreement in detail.
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a High Value Purchase Order issued to a non-UCSD entity to perform a portion of a sponsored
work under a subcontract; engage in a subcontract
Work performed for business by individuals in our Sheltered Employment program.