Definitions for "Contract Administration"
The management of all actions after the award of a contract that must be taken to assure compliance with the contract; e.g., timely delivery, acceptance, payment, closing contract, etc.
The management of all facets of contracts to assure that the contractor's total performance is in accordance with his contractual commitments and that the obligations of the purchaser are fulfilled.
The work of managing the agreement and performance between the buyer and the vendor/seller. This also involves managing contract-related changes. See section 12.5 of the PMBOK.
That stage of the contracting cycle in which the contracting officer insures that the total contract is being followed, makes necessary changes to the contract, and insures progress toward contract completion.
the act of ensuring that all terms and conditions of a contract are complied with by all parties through successful completion of the contract or, if necessary termination.
Contract administration requires dedication and persistence on behalf of the purchaser. It is a critical element in the procurement cycle and must be carried out in all purchasing operations.
Is the process of negotiating and maintaining an effective working relationship with a given sponsor in keeping with terms of the written agreement as maintained by the Office of Sponsored Programs in Coeus.
The duties and responsibilities of the architect or consultant during the construction phase.