Definitions for "consultant"
an expert who gives advice.
A participant, usually external to the University, whose participation does not require a sub-award or subcontract, and who is paid via a personal service agreement. External consultants usually possess expertise not available at the PI’s institution.
In the context of this glossary, a consultant is a design professional usually employed by the architect, to help design a project, such as, a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, interior designer, etc.
The special education instructional specialist who provides ongoing support to special and general education instructional personnel delivering services to eligible individuals. The consultant participates in the identification process and program planning of eligible individuals as well as working to attain the least restrictive environment appropriate for each eligible individuals as well as working to attain the least restrictive environment appropriate for each eligible individual. The consultant demonstrates instructional procedures, strategies, and techniques; assists in the development of curriculum and instructional materials; assists in transition planning; and provides assistance in classroom management and behavioral intervention.
a senior doctor who is a specialist in a particular area of medicine
The most senior grade in a hospital. Consultants have ultimate clinical responsibility for their patients and are responsible for supervising the junior doctors on their teams. Doctors are legally required to be on the GMC's specialist register before they can take up substantive consultant appointments.
An individual who works independently to assist and advise client organizations with various organizational functions and responsibilities on a fee-for-service basis.
An individual, licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agricuture, trained to interpret information and make recommendations.
Individual who provides counsel and assistance to a client on specific assignments.
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a hooker with a Ph
Name for a self-employed person in the network. See also Distributor
an ordinary person a long way from home
a person who borrows
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Someone who borrows your watch and tells you the time in return for a fee.
Someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is.
a person who knows nothing about your business to whom you pay more to tell you how to run it than you could earn if you ran it right instead of the way he tells you
an advisor with deliverables of feasibility studies, comparative analyses, evaluations, plans, strategies, recommendations - all tools to assist in making decisions
means the Visacorp registered immigration advisor appointed to assist you with your case.
Tend to be former equity participants who continue to have a consulting role within the firm. The majority are bound by annually reviewed consultancy agreements and are not considered to be employees.
A person, usually not an employee of the University, whose participation in a project does not require a sub-award or subcontract, and who is paid via a personal services agreement.
an infinitely more flexible commodity than an employee, a flexibility which helps British industry to remain competitive
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a priceless resource
a distinct asset as you plan your event
a distinct asset as you plan your wedding
an invaluable asset as you plan this event
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a galling thing
A registered medical or dental practitioner who, at the time you receive your treatment: is under age 70, and is recognised by BUPA as a consultant and has received written confirmation from us of this, unless we recognised him or her as being a consultant before 30 June 1996. You can contact us to find out if a medical or dental practitioner is recognised by us as a consultant.
A temporary worker (someone who's not on a payroll) who is used in fieldssuch as business management and technology development.
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a cog that is rented when needed
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a fool with a briefcase more than two miles from home
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a man sent in after the battle to bayonet the wounded
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a subcontractor under the Contract
an official representative of Grand Council and the Fraternity
an entrepreneur who pays the mortgage while writing his first novel
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a consultant is someone who reads (or consults) tarot cards for others.
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an organic warehouse
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a man who knows a hundred ways to make love but doesn't know any women
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an executive who can't find a job
A person or organisation commissioned to carry out a specific intellectual assignment paid for by the Department.
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a system designer