Definitions for "Employee Assistance Program"
A confidential information, support and referral service designed to help employees cope with personal problems which have a negative impact on their lives and, subsequently, on their work productivity. Deteriorating job performance can lead to an employer taking disciplinary action. Such programs often provide assistance in such situations as emotional stress, marital and family problems, financial and legal difficulties, and drug or alcohol abuse.
Services designed to assist employees, their family members, and employers in finding solutions for workplace and personal problems. EAPs also can provide voluntary or mandatory access to behavioral health benefits through an integrated behavioral health program.
A mental health managed care program, in which a gatekeeper evaluates a patient before referral for the appropriate course of treatment. The evaluation could include a number of office visits, as well as testing. EAP programs typically were started as an in-house, less expensive way for employees to obtain advice and treatment in such areas as substance abuse and other psychological needs, and have evolved as a way to extend managed care to mental health coverage.
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