Definitions for "Adult Day Care"
Adult day care is a community-based group program designed to meet the physical, social, and health-related needs of adults who can no longer be left alone at home during the day. These programs may provide a wide variety of recreational and social activities, as well as nutritious meals, nursing care, physical and cognitive therapies, and counseling services. Adult day care programs are generally open five days a week during normal business hours and are often found in senior or community centers. Adult day care programs can benefit both the adult participants by enriching their daily routines, as well as meeting the needs of family members who may need to work during the day or who need a respite from their caregiving responsibilities.
A daytime program for elderly or disabled adults who reside at home, this community-based service provides participants with group recreational and social activities as well as health and support services. Meals and snacks are part of the daily program. Some Adult Day Care Programs offer evening and weekend care. Most Adult Day Care Programs provide participants with transportation to and from the program. Adult Day Care Programs may offer a separate memory care program, while a select few specialize in the care of those with Alzheimer's and related dementias. There are two types of Adult Day Care Programs: Adult Medical Day Care and Adult Social Day Care.
In long-term care insurance, care provided to adults in a group setting during hours when primary caregivers are working.