Definitions for "Respite care"
In long-term care (LTC) insurance, temporary care provided by a nursing home or other qualified LTC facility for an insured receiving home health care. Respite care is designed to give the primary caregiver in the home a break from the day-to-day care of the insured.
A short period of rest or relief. Parents of a child with a disability may qualify for respite services when a child is cared for by a third party allowing the parent(s) to take care of other needs away from the child, like the needs of themselves or other children in the family.
A service that provides a break for parents who have a child with a serious emotional disturbance. Trained parents or counselors take care of the child for a brief period of time to give families relief from the strain of caring for the child. This type of care can be provided in the home or in another location. Some parents may need this help every week.
Program that allows person and family to adapt to the residual deficits of brain injury; noninterventinal model to address socialization and recreation.