Definitions for "Caregiver"
A politically correct word for anyone looking after a child. Use of this term avers that a salaried worker has the same value as a parent.
persons, often relatives who provide assistance (in activities and interaction within the environment) to those who are dependent on others for such assistance.
A person responsible for attending to the needs of an ill person. Caregivers include both unpaid family members and hired professionals.
a most cherished role, indeed, and should be treated as a most sacred activity in one's life
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One who renders direct or indirect care to another.
a person that an adult needing care is dependant upon for his/her safety
One who looks after or takes charge of a person.
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A caregiver is someone who typically has primary responsibility for meeting the basic care and safety needs of another for certain periods of time.
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One who provides care for another individual.