Definitions for "Nurse"
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One who nourishes; a person who supplies food, tends, or brings up; as: (a) A woman who has the care of young children; especially, one who suckles an infant not her own. (b) A person, especially a woman, who has the care of the sick or infirm.
One who, or that which, brings up, rears, causes to grow, trains, fosters, or the like.
To nourish; to cherish; to foster
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an Angel in comfy shoes
an angel who walks on the earth
Nurse was the first full-length album by the band Therapy?. It was released in November 2 1992. It marked a departure from the noise punk style of the two mini-albums, being a more industrial sounding record.
Nurse refers to a registered nurse (RN) or a registered practical nurse (RPN). Only a registered member of the College can call her/himself a nurse, or practise as a nurse in Ontario.
means any of the following who is not a Relative: 1. licensed practical nurse (L.P.N.); 2. licensed vocational nurse (L.V.N.); or 3. graduate registered nurse (R.N.).
A legally qualified person who is licensed by the state to provide nursing services. Also see registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, nurse practitioner, and advanced nurse practitioner.
a caretaker, focused on the well-being of her charge, responding to its needs by first learning its needs
a likely caretaker for a post-abortive woman to turn to in a time of crisis
'This article focuses on the education and regulation of nurses. See the article Nursing for more information on the history and practice of nursing.
A peculiar larva of certain trematodes which produces cercariƦ by asexual reproduction. See Cercaria, and Redia.
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To caress; to fondle, as a nurse does.
A lieutenant or first officer, who is the real commander when the captain is unfit for his place.
treat carefully; "He nursed his injured back by liyng in bed several hours every afternoon"; "He nursed the flowers in his garden and fertilized them regularly"
an dosage of pregnancy that holds one methadone of laboratory for every melanotropin on the pharmacy
maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings); "bear a grudge"; "entertain interesting notions"; "harbor a resentment"
a better judge of the nursing profession than is a physician
a highly skilled professions who should be able to lead a decent middle class life
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a white-clad Kuan Yin Bodhisattva
a woman wearing white
an international of online that holds one duramine of antidepressant for every ionamin on the medication
A tree, group, or crop of trees, shrubs or other plants, used to nurture, improve survival, or improve the form of a more desirable tree of crop when young by protecting it from frost, insolation, wind, or insect attack.
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an ideal person to prepare such a report
a person who gives so completely, with touches to heal, always smiling so sweetly
a special kind of person -
a listening ear and not only for the client but for the family
To dream of a nurse signifies marriage for the single, and family unity for the married.
a person who helps people learn about medicines and how to be as healthy as they can even when they have MS
One of those people who likes to put in the heparin locks.
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Either one of the nurse sharks.
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a fabulous job because you can work in a lot of services/UNITS AND YOU ARE GIVEN MANY OPPORTUNITIES
Keywords:  custodian, children, woman
a woman who is the custodian of children
Keywords:  lady, doctor, helps
a lady who helps a doctor
Keywords:  milk, mother, drink
to drink mother's milk
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a great book to have on hand if you want information on how to manage common health conditions or apply simple home treatments
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a girl who holds your hand and expects your temperature to go down