Definitions for "Bodhisattva"
One who has reached the highest degree of saintship, so that in his next incarnation he will be a Buddha, or savior of the world.
One who has attained Enlightenment and is on the way to nirvana.
one who postpones his or her own enlightment in order to help liberate others from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, or a buddha who returns to work for sentient beings
See Ascended Master.
a compassionate being who voluntarily remains in the world of birth and death until achieving buddhahood so they can then save others by teaching the Dharma
a compassionate soul who commits to revisit Earthly life until all beings have found peace and ascended into heaven
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a fearless hero
a hero for our times, a perfect role model for us to emulate
a person who, unlike the sravaka and pratyekabuddha , wishes not only to extinguish his or her own illusions but to save others, as well
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refer to: Bodhisatta.
a being that has realized that his or her own interests are coincident with the interests of others and endeavors in yogic practices to benefit all beings
A human entity so highly developed that it no longer needs to reincarnate on Earth but chooses to do so in order to help mankind.
a being that helps others without a thought for himself, whenever others need help, no matter what the circumstances are
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Seeker of the Way; one who cares for others.