Definitions for "Tara"
Tara is an open source Java based Starchart application. The primary audience is amateur astronomers who wish to customize their own star charts for an observing session.
A compassionate mother goddess, known generally in a Green or White form.
Tara is the most popular goddess of the Buddhist pantheon. She holds the same place in Buddhism which the goddess Durga has in Brahmanism. According ... more
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the residence of the High King of Ireland. The Lia Fail ( a magic stone which roars when, and only when, the real High King touch it ) is lying on Tara Hill.
capitol of Ireland, seat of her high kings
a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin); seat of Irish kings until 6th century
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Tara is a 2001 film, know in the United States as Hood Rat. Directed by Leslie Small, it was released direct-to-video, and was poorly received.
Tara is the fourth album by black metal band Absu. It was released on May 23rd, 2001 by Osmose Productions.
An Eastern term popular to Budhism, meaning "fountain" and referring to a female Master.
Tara is a girls given name, most popular in the English-speaking world, pronounced // (North American English) or // (Commonwealth English). It is also sometimes a nickname for Tamara, as an alternative to Tammy.
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Wife of Vali ( RRV-4b)
Tara is a fictional gynoid superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. She was a member of the New Invaders.
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Tiger Analytical Research Assistant is an upgrade to the TAMU 'tiger' program. tiger is a set of scripts that scan a Unix system looking for security problems, in the same fashion as Dan Farmer's COPS. Since 'tiger' has not been updated since 1994, there were numerous changes made to the 'systems' directories. Output was streamlined to provide a more readable report file.
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(tah rah) heaven, sky
Tara is an agricultural cooperative (co-op) in Israel specializing in milk and dairy products. It is the leading private dairy producer in Israel and the second largest dairy processor after Tnuva.
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Truck-frame & Axle Repair Association