Definitions for "Bhumi"
Literally "ground". One of the ten stages of realization and activity (also called Bodhisattva levels) through which a Bodhisattva progresses towards Enlightenment. The 10 bhumis are: The Supremely joyful The Stainless The Illuminating The Radiant Very Difficult to Train For The Manifesting The Far Going The Unwavering Excellent Intelligence Cloud of Dharma
(Skt.): Stage. Usually referring to a stage in the BODHISATTVA-training ( BODHISATTVA-BHUMI).
Ground, or level, as in the ten bodhisattva levels.
'earth'; refers to a horizontal moulding of a shikhara
The earth, and the goddess who presides over it.
Keywords:  plane, existence
plane of existence.