Definitions for "Goddess"
A female god; a divinity, or deity, of the female sex.
(one female name of the creator of our universe)
Creatress of the Universe, who gives birth to the God. Often associated with the Moon, the Earth (hence my name for the Goddess - Earth Mother), fertility, wisdom, love, compassion, & healing power. There are many, many different Goddesses, depending upon the Panthelon studied.
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an overlooked but undeterred dance-floor prophet whose trademarks are a soul diva's melodic luster and a rap genius's intricate wordplay and acrobatic flow
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Talia's wife.
a world-renowned performance artist/activist whose work has appeared on several international compilations, anthologies, forums and festivals
A woman of superior charms or excellence.
a Phenomenal Woman
a woman (or a drag queen) at one with the world around her, a woman who creates,
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a clean bird and all Gods are evils stretchers
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a Girl's Best Friend Find more Womens Health related products of interest
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a pain in a gods ass