Definitions for "Diva"
(Italian) — Literally "goddess", it refers to an important female opera star. The masculine form is divo.
a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star
a successful singer of non-operatic music
Diva is a 1981 film directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix, adapted from a novel of the same name by Daniel Odier. It is one of the first French films to let go of the realist, harsh mood of 1970s French cinema and return to a colourful, melodic style. The film made a muted début in France in 1981, but it had huge success when a dubbed version was released in the United States of America the next year.
Diva is a novel by Daniel Odier, also called Delacorta. It is part of his series of books focusing on Serge Gorodish and his intended, Alba, a young girl who has not yet come of legal age. The book was the inspiration for the 1981 film.
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Diva is the first album as a solo artist by Annie Lennox, released in 1992 (see 1992 in music). Diva was principally recorded at Mayfair Studios, London, England. The Japanese edition contains an extra track "Step By Step".
DIVA is a series of digital audio players from Bulgarian company Daisy Multimedia. All models (except the Diva MP3, Music Pen) feature also digital FM radio tuner and possibility to record from microphone and the radio directly in MP3 format.
Diva (디바) is a Korean girl group, who have enjoyed some minor success. However, since one of the most popular members, Chae Rina, departed, they have not had the same level of popularity. Their last album, Only Diva, failed to sell strongly, and the lead single 웃어요 (Laugh) did not perform very well in the charts.
Someone who appears strong willed and confident to the point of arrogancy. Also a term for a famous female icons.
a grown woman, whom is confident in herself and capabilities
Diva is a leading lesbian magazine in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 1994 by Millivres Prowler Group Ltd., who also produce the Gay Times. It includes many articles dedicated to lesbian and bisexual social issues, and candid interviews with gay icons and prominent lesbians alike.
Diva is a Junction between Mumbra and Dombivali that is situated in Maharashtra State, in India. This is a major junction in the central railway of Mumbai. One end of the Asia's one time third largest Parsik tunnel (1.3km) built during the British Rule (1916) in India ends at Diva Railway Station.
Diva was a British manufacturer of sports cars from 1961 to 1966. It was a subsidiary of the Tunex Conversions Co set up by Don Sim in Camberwell, London but in 1966 Diva Cars Limited became its registered name. In 1967, after car production ceased, the name changed again to Skodek Engineering.
a relatively new term used by the "World Wrestling Entertainment" for a beautiful woman employed primarily as eye candy and sometimes as a wrestler
a woman who is making a Difference Initiated through Various Arts
a woman who knows who she is and she knows her destiny
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A prima donna.
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a being who flaunts her talent
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a tulip but a man is a man
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Dipa Light; usually a small lamp using ghee.
an oil lamp in a glass container with a third of water more......
Diva was the name of a comic book character from Wildstorm. She was also a member of Storm Watch.
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convection air
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a spirited being
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a girl with a personality that is a blend of
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a living work of art