Definitions for "real man"
a hunter and gatherer if need be and will take his woman in his arms and hold her close and protect her and his family and he will wear the fucking pants
a leader A Male is a follower This is the only part I don't agree with
a leader, an example of strength
a daddy, any fool can be a father
a faithful, loving husband and father who provides for his family and contributes to society by working diligently and conscientiously in his chosen field
a good father, son, brother, husband and friend
a clever educated cultured man with a strong personality and a big heart
a Man of his words
a man of substance
Keywords:  agenda, threat, feminist
a threat to the feminist's agenda
Keywords:  protector, provider
a provider and protector
Keywords:  dare, rare, say, beautiful, thing
a rare and dare I say beautiful thing