Definitions for "Johnny"
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A sculpin.
One of the three main player psychographics, Johnny likes combo decks. If a Johnny plays ten games in one night, and his combo goes off only once, he'll still be happy. This form of playing has been given a manifestation in card form, Johnny, Combo Player, from Unhinged. [ edit
Guilty Gear fighting game series, making his first appearance in May's ending in the first game, and is first playable in the second game, Guilty Gear X: By Your Side. A swashbuckling iaidouka, he is the captain of the May Ship and leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, a group of airship pirates. He is also a womanizer, as evidenced by the fact that the entire crew apart from him consists of (young) women, and that he hits on every single female character he comes into contact with.
Johnny is a Tollywood film that released on April 26, 2003, and was written and directed by Pawan Kalyan. Apart from this, Pawan Kalyan also played the main role. His wife Renu Desai acted beside him as well.
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pronounced jon-e/ rub-er jon-e] A rubber construction used to prevent any unnecessary nastyness or mess during the Shag process. Jugs [pronounced jugs] Modern comedy reference to a woman's Chest Area
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A familiar diminutive of John.
`johnny' was applied as a nickname for Confederate soldiers by the Federal soldiers in the American Civil War; `grayback' derived from their gray Confederate uniforms
a short-sleeved collarless gown that is open in the back and is worn by persons, as hospital patients, undergoing medical examination or treatment
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an English slang word for a Condom
Software used for operating BEST courses (registration, etc.)