Definitions for "nickname"
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A name given in affectionate familiarity, sportive familiarity, contempt, or derision; a familiar or an opprobrious appellation; as, Nicholas's nickname is Nick.
A name chosen by a Jabber User as a convenient moniker for use when Chatting. A user's nickname is not necessarily the same as that their username. In the context of Groupchat, we use the term Room Nickname.
The name you use on message boards. It's generally a good idea to pick one and stick with it at every forum you post at, since it will help you build up a reputation and help other webmasters become familiar with you.
a stumbler's username, configurable via the Prefs page of that user's profile
a combination of two separate unclassified words that is assigned an unclassified meaning and is employed only for unclassified administrative, morale, or public information purposes
an identifier ( pointer )used to locate an individual object in one of the defined data sources
an identifier that references a data source table or view
a short (usually one word) field which identifies the contact
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a great tool to help offer the reader insight into his or her personality
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To give a nickname to; to call by a nickname.