Definitions for "NETID"
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See network identifier.
Cornell ID assigned for use within the Cornell University computing system. Typically used for authenticating users for Cornell services.
A personal id that everyone at UIC can and should have. It is used as your login id for your ACCC UNIX workstation account and, as such, is part of one of your UIC electronic mail addresses: [email protected], for example. You can also use your netid as part of a machine-independent UIC email address: [email protected] See Getting a Netid.
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etwork dentifier at UConn. The management of a user's identity in an organization and what resources that person has access to.
your Notre Dame computer user name
a secure, efficient way for the University and its computer systems to ensure that you are who you say you are before allowing access to potentially sensitive information
Network identification. The network part of an IP address. See also Class A/B/C address.