Definitions for "ALIAS "
Otherwise; otherwise called; -- a term used in legal proceedings to connect the different names of any one who has gone by two or more, and whose true name is for any cause doubtful; as, Smith, alias Simpson.
Another name; an assumed name.
A note on your credit report that indicates other names used for your financial accounts. Sometimes marked as "Also Known As" or "AKA." This can include maiden names or variations on the spelling and format of your full name.
A reference file which points to a file or folder on your Hard Drive. An Alias can be deleted without losing any information because it does not represent the actual item, only a "bridge" to that item.
system software: A stand-in for an item on the desktop (their names appear in italics). Opening an alias actually opens the item it stands for. You can put aliases of applications, documents, whatever you like, into any folder for quick access. Put aliases into the Apple Menu Items folder to make them appear when you pull down the Apple menu. A feature of System 7.
An icon that opens a file, but is not the file. You make an alias or shortcut for a file or program, and leave the original where it is, but put the alias or shortcut in a convenient place so you can get at it easily. Deleting original does not delete shortcut, deleting shortcut does not delete original. Shortcuts have a small arrow in a box in the corner, aliasses have italicized writing.
When the curves and other lines in a graphic becomes jagged, the resolution of the graphics file is too low. The graphic is then referred to as "aliased".
Describes a color aberration due to heterogeneous pixel spacing. For example, if it occurs in the sampling, due to harmonics between the sampling and event frequencies, it is known as a Johnson alias. On a monitor, it is more likely due to inductive ringing in the monitor cable.
A false or erroneous low-frequency waveform or component that can appear in acquired data when sampled at too low a sampling rate. (See also Nyquist Theorem.)
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A user-designated synonym for a Unix command or sequence of commands. Differs from a variable in that its value does not change: e.g., if you designate to be your alias for mailx, then typing will always run this mail program. Differs from a script in that scripts are normally stored in executable files, while aliases are loaded as part of the shell environment directly (and are thus simpler and faster). Aliases are a facility provided by the C-shell ( csh) and its successors, like tcsh.
The Unix C shell allows you to customize your interface to Unix by providing aliases or alternate names for commands. These are placed in your .cshrc file in your home directory. Click for more information.
An abbreviation for a frequently used command or series of commands.
Alias was a 2002-2004 comic book created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, published by Marvel Comics under the Marvel MAX imprint.
The video game Alias, based on the television series Alias, is a 3D third-person stealth/action title developed and released by Acclaim Entertainment for the personal computer, Play Station 2 and Xbox. The plot was written by Breen Frazier and the game features the voices of the cast principals. The score was composed by Michael Giacchino, who did the music for Lost and Alias.
When the estimate of an effect also includes the influence of one or more other effects (usually high order interactions) the effects are said to be aliased (see confounding). For example, if the estimate of effect D in a four factor experiment actually estimates (D + ABC), then the main effect D is aliased with the 3-way interaction ABC. Note: This causes no difficulty when the higher order interaction is either non-existent or insignificant.
Alias was an American "Spy-fi" television series created by J. J. Abrams that aired on ABC from September 30, 2001 to May 22, 2006, spanning five seasons. It starred Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, a CIA agent, who was usually seen wearing a colorful new disguise while undercover in some part of the world.
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Alias was an AOR/hard rock band formed by vocalist Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi of the Canadian soft rock band Sheriff ("When I'm With You") along with Heart founding members Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen and Mike DeRosier in 1988.
The alias is an unique, abbreviated identifier for the unique Project, Task, and Award ( PTA) combination. Certain sites on campus use business software that cannot accommodate the use of the PTA. As a workaround, a table has been created that will use a number that can be entered into the peripheral systems and translate into PTA in order to feed the charges to Oracle. The only sites using only the alias are the Mail Services and the Athenaeum. ASI Award Status Inquiry AutoCreate Afunction in Oracle Purchasing Module that takes a requisition line(s) and automatically creates a Purchase Order. This saves retyping and possible errors. It is also a time saving feature for the buyer. Award The term award has been used predominantly to identify a grant, contract, or other agreement derived from a sponsor. In the Oracle Grants Accounting environment, the concept of an award will be expanded to encompass all funding sources at the Institute. Award Management Data Award-level information regarding applicable terms and conditions, funding source contact information, cognizant individuals, funding history, etc.
A pointer to one or more users or hosts, typically used for sending mail (in the case of users) or logging in remotely (in the case of hosts).
An alternative label for a data object or point in a computer program.
Alias (born Brendan Whitney) is a rapper and producer for the anticon label.
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A pseudonym.
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An alias enables you to store files or documents within the local file system of the site instead of the document root. This is useful when you want to isolate a process or content and avert resource integrity violation by other virtual hosts on the server.
A script alias allows CGI scripts to be stored within the local file system of the site other than under the document root of the subdomain. For example if the cgi scripts are aliased to /usr/web/cgi-bin/, instead of the default /cgi-bin/, then a request for http://myscript/cgi-bin/search will run the script from /usr/web/cgi-bin/search. A script alias enables you to secure the integrity of script resources from other hosts on the server.
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(Context: DNS) "Alias" is an alias for CNAME. Men&Mice
ALIAS is a French text-to-speech project. Its supports only French. Parsing includes a dictionary to allow users to add their own definitions .
An identity for a user, usually referred to as the user ID. A person can have several aliases, for example: GSmith and GWSmith.
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From XSL Transformations (XSLT) 2.0 ( 2007-01-23) A stylesheet can use the xsl:namespace-alias element to declare that a literal namespace URI is being used as an alias for a target namespace URI.
A unique and usually shorter URL (link) that can be distinguished from other links even if they ultimately go to the same Web page. This makes it possible to track which message led viewers to click on the link.
A URL that points to another website. Many websites use aliases to differentiate traffic. DartMedia Network allows approved aliases to be used with the same ad code as the main website.
A URL that points to another web site. Many web sites use aliases to differentiate traffic.
Used with the Log Browser to refer to a textual representation of a numerical filter parameter, such as a port, IP address, or error code.
A short Web address ( URL), set up by the Web System Administrator on the Web server, that redirects request to a page with a different URL. At BC, aliases take the form ""
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Aliasing Alkaline Battery
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A second or further writ which is issued after a first writ has expired without effect.
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At another time.
Essentially a small file that provides a convenient "short cut" to another file.
A representation of a different item. When you double click on it, it locates the original and opens it.
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aliasing All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Data that refers to a file, directory, or volume. This data is typically stored in an alias handle.
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Managing Aliases