Definitions for "EMAIL FORWARDING"
Email forwarding lets you forward mail from a particular address to another address. Suppose you have three different email accounts that you check regularly, but do not want to check each one independently. You can have those email accounts to be forwarded to the email account of your choice. This saves you time, and helps you to keep from forgetting to check a particular email box.
Apart from simply forwarding a message manually with an email program, this also refers to an automatic sending (forwarding) of an email from one (or more) email address to another specified email address. This allows, for example, a new email address with your new domain name to forward messages to a previous address held with an ISP (or vice versa).
Any email address at your domain may be configured to forward to any other real internet email address. For example [email protected] can forward to [email protected] if you like.
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