Definitions for "Terms"
8 weeks and 3 days for undergraduates. Three a year: Michaelmas = Autumn Term; Hilary = Spring Term; Trinity = Summer Term.
Each academic year is divided into 3 terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer. These vary in length according to the programme of study.
There are three terms - Michaelmas starting in October, Hilary starting in January, and Trinity starting in April.
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Specific agreed payment terms to vendor. Examples: Net 30 Days; Net 10 Days; 2% 10 Days.
Conditions of a contract that limit or define its scope. Terms of payment indicate if a discount is allowed and the time frame for payment, i.e. 2% 20 days, 2% may be deducted if payment is made within 20 days. Net 30 indicates no discount and payment is due in 30 days. These are just two terms used as examples; several others may apply. Other terms include shipping date, method and responsibility.
the percentage discount from the recommended retail price given to the bookseller.
Each sign has a range of terms, ruled by one of the five classical planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). A planet in its own terms is strengthened, while a planet in the terms of another is coloured by (acts "in terms of") that planet. Thus Saturn in terms of Venus has reduced potential for malevolence, while Venus in terms of Mars has less power for benefit, more power of action and so on. The tables of terms have largely fallen into disuse in modern times. Here is the traditional order of planetary potencies: Sign Exaltation Triplicity Terms Faces
Conditions for an auction announced at the beginning that will become the promises and agreements comprising the contract for sale formed between the seller and buyer.
The specific conditions and details of an agreement or contract. see also accept, comply, concession, dollar terms, European Terms, loan commitment, mortgage note, promissory note, prospectus, purchase agreement, right of first refusal, Truth in Lending.
Provisions specified in a loan agreement.
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This refers to the length of a loan and the amortization. Most loans placed by our office are either 3-5 year loans with a 20-30 year amortization (an N year amortization defines the payment amount necessary to pay the loan balance down to zero in N years time) or 1-2 year interest-only loans.
The conditions of a loan, including the type of mortgage, size of down payment, amount you can borrow, interest rate, and length of time to repay.
Refers to amount of each installment payment, interest rate, due dates, number of years, etc.
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a larger (attended) event usually with more than one Kingdom (political boundary) invited to attend
This word traditionally means the work a student must complete in order to be permitted to sit final examinations. Terms are gained by attending classes and completing oral, written, and practical work for the paper concerned. Students are informed of the minimum requirements at the commencement of each paper.
The agreed upon interest rate and repayment schedule arranged between creditor and borrower.
The period of time and the interest rate agreed between the creditor and the debtor to repay a loan.
This refers to the debt repayment terms of your agreement with a creditor, such as 60 months, 48 months, etc.
Simplest form of life assurance. The insured person or persons are covered against death within a fixed period subject to the payment of the premiums, which is normally monthly or yearly. If an insured person dies within the policy term the sum assured is paid out. If all insured persons survive the term the premium has been spent and the insurance ends with nothing being paid to the policyholders.
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An object, compound object, variable, or list.
A term is a combination of a coefficient and a variable. The coefficient value is constant and stored in the table called model_variables. The variable, represented by a java class, depends on the agent and the choice and (sometimes) the simulation time. The use of a term depends on the particular model being run. See Model Variables.
A number, or a product of a number and one or more variables.
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of trade Number of units that must be given up for one unit of goods received, by each party (e.g., nation) to a transaction. The terms of trade are said to move in favor of the party that gives up fewer units of goods than it did previously for one unit of goods received, and against the party that gives up more units of goods for one unit of goods received. In international economics, the concept of "terms of trade" plays an important role in evaluating exchange relationships between nations.
status with respect to the relations between people or groups; "on good terms with her in-laws"; "on a friendly footing"
The arrangements for publication of a particular work, made between you and an editor/publisher. These include types of rights purchased , when and how much you'll get paid, expected date of publication, and other similar items.
The deal made for publication of a particular work. These include types of rights purchased, a payment schedule, expected date of publication etc.
string Simple Textual description of the terms surrounding an instrument parameter.
the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"
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A-F G-M N-S T-Z Real estate & loans may involve other terms. In the event you don't understand some of these terms, ask for help from your real estate agent, lender or attorney.
See Attorneys Fees.
Used in a routing policy or firewall filter to segment the policy or filter into small match and action pairs.
An offer includes certain "terms", which specify the total price offered and how the financing will be arranged, such as if you will arrange your own with a financial institution or mortgage broker or if you wish to take over the seller's mortgage (assumability).
The considerations, other than price, in a sales transaction. Examples can include: the closing date, time of possession, items conveying with the sale, the way money is paid, etc.
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Exact way a property will be purchased.
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another word for keywords
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Words or phrases that name a concept.
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Evidence of ownership. (Deed)
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see under Mortgage terms.