Definitions for "buydown"
A cash payment made by any party to reduce a borrowers monthly loan payment.
A buydown is when you can pay for extra points at the beginning of a loan in order to permanently lower the interest rate. Another type of buydown is when you pay upfront for part of the interest in order to have a lower interest rate the first few years of the loan.
A provision where someone, usually the builder or seller, subsides the mortgage, either by paying extra points or by setting up an escrow account with funds to subsidize the loan during the first few years. The effect is to lower the interest rate for some period of time, which in turn allows the borrower to qualify. The reduced monthly payments increase when the subsidy expires. [] Go to: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | X | Y
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Cash rebates on renewable energy electric-generating systems that qualify for programs through the CEC or utilities, designed as an incentive for renewable energy by making it more affordable. Typically rebate funds offers a dollar amount per kilowatt, or a certain percentage off the system purchase price.
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Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Select to display the buydown amount in the Excel spreadsheet.
Additional funds that are paid and your loan. Any amount that is paid above and beyond finance fees