Definitions for "paid"
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"retribuito, pagato"
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Items that are certain to be honoured. The only way to ensure that cheques are 'paid' is to pay for them to be 'specially presented' - this will produce an final and binding decision from the paying bank, although it does not shorten the clearing cycle and the system depends on the delivery of the cheque at the other bank by the postal service.
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The Status of  check that has been entered into Keep In Touch and has been printed or cut.
marked by the reception of pay; "paid work"; "a paid official"; "a paid announcement"; "a paid check"
Means budget checked but not posted.
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involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby
Made payment on an obligation.
This is the amount of tax posted as paid for the year in question, either in installment payments or full payment. If you have paid funds that do not yet show paid, contact the Treasurer's Office at 520-866-6412.
Receiving pay; compensated; hired; as, a paid attorney.
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yielding a fair profit
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Satisfied; contented.