Definitions for "CPC"
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Clients pay for unique traffic generated to their Web site based on clicks generated by their search engine campaign.
Acronym for Cost Per Click, referring to the model of charging an advertiser for each click-through. CPC - Cost Per Click
Cost Per Click. Search engines which display results not by relevancy but by the amount advertisers are willing to pay to be listed on each search term
(College Preparatory Curriculum) minimum curricula requirements for college bound students specified by the State Board of Education; any CPC deficiency must be remediated within the first 30 hours of credit; student must earn C’s or better to remove deficiencies.
College Preparatory Curriculum. College preparatory curriculum is the curriculum taught in Georgia public high schools for students who want to graduate with a College Prep seal. A deficiency occurs when a student has not taken the required amount of classes in a given subject before entrance into Gainesville State College. Students graduating from high school with a Technical seal or with a GED may have deficiencies. CPC deficiencies can exist in the areas of Foreign Language, English, Math, Science, and Social Sciences. They can be satisfied by a grade of “C” or better in specific classes or by passing the COMPASS exam. For more information on CPC deficiencies, please see page 88 of the online catalog.
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Coû t Par Clic
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Developed by the company Amstrad, was available in different types. Please read the introduction again.
Amstrad's eight bit, Z80-based home computer, rival to Sinclair's ZX Spectrum and the Acorn BBC Micro.
Counterproliferation Council
Collegiate Panhellenic Council. the governing body for all ISU sororities in the National Panhellenic Conference
Cascade Pacific Council - one of the ten largest in the United States! Our council, with 22 Districts, covers 18 counties in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.
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hemical rotective lothing
Certified Professional Counselor. has a Master's degree or doctorate in professional counseling. They should be certified by the Mental Health State Board of Examiners.
Certified Pension Consultant. Offered through ASPA @
Certified Professional Coder for coders with at least 2 years of experience working in a physician-based setting. Offered by AAPC.
Central Processing Complex. A term, usally meant to mean a real machine, possibly part of a multi-machine complex.
Central Point of Contact (deals with DSS enquiries)
Central processor complex. The unit within a cluster that provides the management function for the storage server. It consists of cluster processors, cluster memory, and related logic.
Color Point Carrier – which means to carry the gene for color point
colourpoint carrier, non-pointed Persian cat carrying the gene for coloured points
Color Point Carrier. The cat carries the genetics to produce color point kittens possibly.
Care and Protection Co-ordinator.
Child Protection Co-ordinator. This is a person (also known as the 'bishop's delegate' in the 1994 Guidelines) appointed in each diocese by the bishop to take the lead for the Church in responding to allegations and also to co-ordinate the development of child protection policies for the diocese.
Climate Prediction Center
Center for Parallel Computing
Center Personnel Committee. A standing committee of the Center for Distance Learning that reviews all adjunct faculty every three years.
City Planning Commission
Calgary Planning Commission. A body authorized by the Municipal Government Act to make Development Permit and subdivision decisions and recommendations on other planning matters.
Correctional Privatization Commission was established by the Correctional Privatization Commission Act of 1993. The CPC is housed administratively within the Department of Management Services and is not a division of the Florida Department of Corrections. Comprised of five members appointed by the Governor, who serve without compensation, the CPC was created for the purpose of entering into contracts with contractors for the designing, financing, acquiring, leasing, constructing, and operating of private correctional facilities.
Calling Party Control (Disconnect Supervision) A short break in the line current in the called party's phone line when the calling party hangs up. Not available on PABX's.
Computer Process Control console, Heidelberg. Sometimes used generically for computerised remote inking and registration consoles.
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Communist Party of China
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Chinese Petroleum Corp
Community Partnerships Coordinator NSF National Science Foundation
Circular Plastic Connector. A type of modular connector by AMP that is less expensive than the metal shell connectors.
Communications plenum cable. See plenum-rated cable.
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Colonial Pipeline Company
Collaborative Product Commerce
A constant power crossover network with a flat power response.
Circuit Protective conductor- a system of conductors joining together all exposed conductive parts and connecting them to the main earthing terminal.
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Canada Post Corporation
(Stands for Certificate of Professional Competence)
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Customs Procedure Code. A six-digit code used on Customs declarations to identify the type of procedure for which the goods are declared and from which they came.
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Capital Pool Company s
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Consumer Package Companies
Chemical protective clothing.