Definitions for "CLC"
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Complete Locomotive Control, retrofitted adhesion system manufactured by Woodward Governor Company.
Cheshire Lines Committee. Constituted 1865, with GNR and MSLR as owners. Midland became third partner in 1866. The CLC possessed passenger and freight stock, but the owning companies supplied the locomotives. The CLC owed its existence to the desire of these companies to share in traffic to and from Liverpool, which was the preserve of the LNWR and LYR; therefore, despite the name, the most important CLC line was in Lancashire, from Manchester to Liverpool.
Calgary Learning Centre (see Learning Centre for further information)
Collaborative Learning Community. An obsolete administrative unit consisting of a number of schools. Replaced by " Area" coded A child identified as having special needs. Codes include: 54 (moderate learning disability), 80 (gifted and talented)
Community Learning Chest. A fund aimed at providing small grants of up to £5000 to assist individuals or groups in accessing learning in order to be involved in regeneration activities. (Only available in the NRU's 88 most deprived areas)
Convention Liaison Council.
Corporate Leadership Council
Chapter Leadership Council
Connecticut Library Consortium Formed in July 2003 from the merger of the four CLSUs, CLC is a statewide non-profit membership organization for public, academic, school, and special libraries providing networking, communications, cooperative purchasing, training, and other services. ( LINK)
cell line card. Card on the LightStream 2020 ATM switch that, in conjunction with an access card, supports up to two OC-3c edge ports or one OC-3c trunk port. A CLC can be configured as an edge card or a trunk card.
Colorado Library Card
Christian Literature Crusade
Central Logic Controller. It maintains contact with the various port and network cards in the AISwitch, directing their interactions with each other and any outside network components. It is also the central point for modifying and storing configurations.
Central Logic and Control. The Safeguard data processing hardware system. More information.
Center for Logic and Computation
a common carrier who is issues a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPNC) to provide local exchange telecommunications service for a geographic area specified by such carrier.
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The same thing as a CLEC.
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CENELEC (in document references)
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Canadian Labour Conference
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Commonwealth Law Courts
Container Loading Check. This is carried out in the manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises. The inspector first checks the quality and quantity of the goods to be shipped to make sure that the right products will be delivered. The inspector then monitors the entire loading phase to ensure good container(s) condition and appropriate loading.