Definitions for "Public school"
In Great Britain, any of various schools maintained by the community, wholly or partly under public control, or maintained largely by endowment and not carried on chiefly for profit; specif., and commonly, any of various select and usually expensive endowed schools which give a liberal modern education or prepare pupils for the universities. Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Winchester are of this class.
In the United States, a free primary, grammar, or high school maintained by the local government.
School funded by taxpayers but run by corporations; generally attended by children of parents who can't afford private schools
The term has different (and in some cases contradictory) meanings due to regional differences.
a new world, and to send them there before their early principles are formed is courting disaster
a place for teachers to give students facts about the world around them
an organization that promotes and supports the religion of liberalism
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an anchor in a community, just like churches
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a public institution