Definitions for "CMT "
Centro Meteoroló gico Territorial
Comisió n del Mercado de Telecomunicaciones
Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (Spain)
Country Music Television. A country music oriented cable television channel with programming that includes music videos, taped concerts, movies, and biographies. Owned by MTV parent company, Viacom.
CMT is a Canadian cable television specialty channel, which airs programming devoted to country music; in the form of music videos, award shows, concerts, television series and more. The channel is owned by Corus Entertainment (90%) and Viacom (10%).
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CICS Maintained Data Table. Sometimes referred to as a CMDT. Container managed transaction. Data integrity manages at the environment level and not at the individual (EJB) application level.
Abbreviation for Cash Management Trust.
Connection Management Task. A protocol function for the FDDI interface card that establishes the physical connections between the stations.
Certified Master Trainer of NLP (Proudfoot School)
"Certified Music Therapist" is a designation formerly given by the American Association for Music Therapy.
Certified Mentor Training. The Certified Mentor Training is a standardized means to prepare i-SAFE Student Mentors, activity coordinators, teachers, school resource officers, community leaders, and others to conduct Certified Mentor Trainings. By participating in the i-SAFE Student Mentor Training you will learn Internet safety practices. i-SAFE Certified Mentors are students that are trained in Internet safety and want to educate others about being responsible cyber citizens.
A series of indexes of various maturities (one, three, five, seven or ten years) published by the Federal Reserve Board and based on the average yield of a range of Treasury securities adjusted to a constant maturity corresponding to that of the index.
An index published by the Federal Reserve Board calculated from the average yield of a range of Treasury securities adjusted to constant maturities of various time periods (for example, six months, one year, ten years, etc.)
The Average yield of Treasury Notes at constant maturities.
CULTURALLY MODIFIED TREE. A tree that has been historically or prehistorically modified by native or non native people. In the field of archaeology a CMT is most commonly associated with Native peoples historical or prehistorical tree utilization. Tree use can be identified by scars from bark stripping, blazing, plank removal, test holes, or felling. Bark strips may be long and tapered vertically or wide and horizontal around the tree. The most common types of trees revealing these scars include red and yellow cedar, birch, lodgepole pine and hemlock.
CULTURALLY MODIFIED TREE. A tree that has been modified by native people as part of their traditional forest practices.
Complete Mind Therapy (Mindcare Organisation)
Cervical Motion Tenderness. Moderate to severe tenderness elicited when the cervix is palpated or manipulated.
Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy
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The CMU Midi Toolkit is a collection of software for writing interactive MIDI software in C. It includes a number of handy utilities along with an application "shell" that provides timing, scheduling, and MIDI interfaces that are portable across DOS, Mac, SGI, and Amiga platforms.
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Cadmium Mercury Telluride
CMT is an acromyme for Components, Modules and Templates.
CMT is an acronym for Components, Modules and Templates.
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Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome
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Copper Mines of Tasmania
cellular messaging teleservice
Cisco Media Termination. An option to terminate the media on an agent's personal computer.
Common mode termination. Termination of unused pairs of wire in a four-pair cable to reduce the antenna effect of the unused pairs. CMT improves emission and susceptibility performance.
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Census Matrix Tools
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Corporate Master Table.
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See Mobile phone.
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