Definitions for "Unit Trust"
An SEC-registered investment company which purchases a fixed, unmanaged portfolio...
A system where money from a number of investors is pooled together and invested collectively in investments such as shares and bonds. Each investor owns a unit, (or a number of them) the value of which depends on the value of those items owned by the fund. A unit trust allows modest investment to be diversified away from a holding in a single or small number of companies. See Collective Investments and Open Ended.
An investment similar to a mutual fund (that is, the trust receives money from investors and uses it to purchase a portfolio of securities) that has a specific date on which the holdings will be sold and all the earnings and gains returned to investors. Commonly, the portfolio of securities is comprised of bonds and is left unchanged after it is originally selected.
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see OEICs
a configuration in which the entitlement of beneficiaries is expressed in units relative to the total number of fixed units