Definitions for "Pooling"
a powerful and efficient method for rapid genomewide linkage scans in autosomal recessive diseases in inbred populations, where affected individuals are likely to be homozygous for alleles at loci surrounding the disease gene
a practical way to reduce the cost of large-scale case-control association studies, because it allows measurement of allele frequencies in groups (or pools) of individuals, thereby reducing the number of PCR reactions and genotyping assays dramatically
a reliable and cost-saving alternative genotyping method
Method used in determining how funds in a market will be distributed among producers supplying the milk. While there are three methods of pooling returns to producers (individual handler pool, market– wide (statewide) pool and cooperative pool), only the statewide pool operates in California.
Basic concept behind mutual funds. A fund pools the money of thousands of individual investors who share a common investment objective . The fund uses this pool to buy a diversified portfolio of investments. Each mutual fund share represents ownership in all the fund's underlying securities.
Pooling is the basic concept behind mutual funds. A fund pools the money of thousands of individual and institutional investors who share common financial goals. The fund uses this pool to buy a diversified portfolio of investments
A practice in which competing railroads made agreements to divide up the traffic and maintain freight rates.
A payment system under which revenues collected by local exchange carriers are not kept, but instead are combined and redistributed based on factors such as local exchange carriersÂ' cost of providing service. There are various state pools, as well as the interstate pools administered by the National Exchange Carrier Association. At the end of the monthly pooling process, each participation local exchange carrier either owes monies to the pool or is due monies from the pool. The National Exchange Carrier Association pool, but after April 1989 carriers were given the option to withdraw from the pool and file their own common carrier line and/or traffic sensitive tariffs.
the sharing of cargo or the profit or loss from freight by member lines of a liner conference. Pooling arrangements do not exist in all conferences.
Combining resources, expertise, equipment, etc. for use toward a common purpose. This helps to save scarce resources and reduces the possibility of duplication of or gaps in services.
Pooling is a combination of resources to achieve some common purpose
Providing a number of preconfigured resources to improve performance. If a resource is pooled, a component can use an existing instance from the pool rather than instantiating a new one. In NAS, database connection servlet instance s, and Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) instances can all be pooled.
When two or more would-be competing bidders conspire to fix bids in an auction by agreeing not to bid against one another, with one bidding on behalf of the members comprising the “pool.” The conspiracy is a crime and a violation of the Sherman Act. See “bid rigging.
The act of becoming a member of a pool.
A method by which each Insurer in a pool shares in each and every risk written by other members.
A term frequently used interchangeably with "Unitization" but more properly used to denominate the bringing together of small tracts sufficient for the granting of a well permit under applicable spacing rules.
Combining risks for groups into one risk pool. See Also Risk.
The process of sharing or combining individual case experience among all cases of a specified class for the purpose of experience rating.
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In group insurance, the practice of underwriting a number of small groups as one large group.----------[ Back
The practice of underwriting a number of small groups as if they constituted one large group.
A method of calculating group insurance premium rates by which the insurer considers several small groups as one large group for risk assessment purposes. Contrast with experience rating.
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pooling - See throttling.
The opportunity for installations to join together in order to take part collectively in the emissions trading system. Included in the EU emissions trading guidelines after pressure from Germany.
The collection/accumulation of fluid (e.g., blood) in one place.
The collection of blood or body fluids in lower portions of the body
The act of uniting, or an agreement to unite, an aggregation of properties belonging to different persons, with a view to common liabilities or profits.
(See SHADING Another characteristic of some carpet, which is a type of shading
The accumulation of the injected liquid on the soil surface. In these tests, pooling was measured as the percentage of the total soil surface area covered by liquid.
An informal name for a settlement process in which all participating companies first receive their costs and then earn the same rate of return.
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See object pooling.