Definitions for "opt"
optimised production technology. OPT is a manufacturing philosophy combined with a computerised system of shop-floor scheduling and capacity planning. It is a philosophy that focuses on factors such as manufacture to order, quality, lead times, batch sizes and set-up times, and differs from a traditional approach of balancing capacity as near 100% as possible and then maintaining flow. The aim of OPT is to balance flow rather than capacity. The goal of OPT is to make money by increasing throughput and reducing stocks and operating expenses, by making better use of limited capacity by tightly controlled finite scheduling of bottleneck operations.
Outdoor Payment Terminal. A point of sale that allows the customer to buy products or fuel without involving service station staff. Also known as a CRIND (Card Reader IN Dispenser), CRIP (Card Read In Pump), FST (Forecourt Service Terminal).
A scheduling software (optimized production technology).
Organismo Provincial de Turismo
The /opt directory contains files installed by add-on application packages. Because it is desirable to keep the root filesystem small and unchanging, /opt is often mounted as a separate filesystem.
The workspace options file, which stores information about the physical layout and characterisitics you've determined for Visual C++, such as window layout. In terms of source control, the .OPT file is not shareable.
Options (file name extension)
Outpatient physical therapy
Obstetrics and Periodontal Therapy
Novell's strategy for complete protocol independence. NetWare supports multivendor hardware with this approach. ... more
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Ovulation Predictor Test.
Occupied Palestinian Territories
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CHAR Name of option.
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Opt Out Automatic IVR Do Not Call
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Ounces per ton.
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Open Packet Telephony
Office of Passenger Transportation
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see outward processing.
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Optional Practical Training