Definitions for "Predictor"
The term used to describe one or several variables (e. g. combined value of several selection tools) which predict a criterion (e. g. job performance).
Test or variable that predicts a criterion behavior
a measurable characteristic-such as a test score, previous performance, a rating or observation-that is correlated with a criterion variable to indicate future success or failure
someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)
information that supports a probabilistic estimate of future events; "the weekly bulletin contains several predictors of mutual fund performance"
That which can tell about something in advance of its occurrence by means of special knowledge or inference. Reference: A1
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One who predicts; a foreteller.
a computer for controlling antiaircraft fire that computes the position of an aircraft at the instant of a shell's arrival
an object intended to be available on an OrganizationalAsset which provides a prediction of how the associated remote cluster WOULD respond if it were allocated a given task
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See regression.
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An attribute used as input to a supervised model or algorithm to build a model.
a mathematical operator that is applied to the image data before an encoding scheme is applied
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a detail which indicates what is PROBABLY coming