Definitions for "Cluster"
A number of things of the same kind growing together; a bunch.
A number of similar things collected together or lying contiguous; a group; as, a cluster of islands.
A number of individuals grouped together or collected in one place; a crowd; a mob.
A partially curly appearance on veneer.
Only partially burled logs.
The cluster figure results from cutting half round veneer from the trunk of certain trees in which it is characteristic . It is some variation of scattered clusters of burl figure, intermingled between the clusters. Often the muscle figure is very strong around the clusters and fades out to almost plain areas between. This is most common in Myrtle and West Coast maple, Claro Walnut and Ash (European). (example)
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The equipment which is applied to a cows teats to extract the milk. Composed of a clawpiece to which four teat cups are attached.
The milking unit assembly containing teat cup shells and liners, short milk and pulsation tubes, claw, and long milk and pulsation tubes.
Novell DNS cluster services is a server clustering solution that provides high availability and manageability of critical network resources including data, applications, and services. It is enabled for eDirectory and supports failover, fallback, and migration (load balancing) of individual managed services.
Cluster is a series of science fiction novels by Piers Anthony. Anthony originally conceived of and wrote the series as a trilogy but later added two additional volumes.
A single "bunch" of grapes.
(fascicle) Arrangement of several inflorescences, leaves, stems, roots, or flowers that arise from a single point or appear to do so.
Entire bunch (cluster) of grape berries.
A geographically bounded concentration of similar, related or complementary businesses, with active channels for business transactions, communications and dialogue, that share specialised infrastructure, labour markets and services, and face common opportunities and threats.
A geographic area of the Council. Our Council has four clusters: Ken-O-Valley, Jenny Wiley, Mountail Laurel and Bluegrass.
six geographic areas in NC comprised of the branches located within them. [ Map] There is a state cluster chair who is a member of the state board, and a cluster committee with a representative from each cluster. Clusters meet annually, rotating the location among their branches. The state nominating committee includes members from different clusters. No business is conducted at cluster meetings.
When more than one motor is used simultaneously to propel the rocket
Four spacecraft that have been placed in Earth orbit in order to study the interactions between particles ejected from the Sun and the Earth's magnetic field. The first attempt to put Cluster into space in 1996 failed when the Ariane rocket exploded.
a prewriting technique; the writer maps thoughts about a topic showing how the ideas are connected. The map suggests an organizational pattern for main ideas and supporting details.
an invention technique; a way of mapping thoughts about a topic showing how the ideas are connected. The map suggests an organizational pattern for main ideas and supporting details
a linguistic sequence: a. of sounds, as the consonant cluster /sp/ in spell. b. of parts of speech, as the verb cluster might have been.
Two or more consonants , or perhaps vowels, in a row.
Multiple complete computers connected via a network, and operated as a single system.
In the computer world, a cluster can refer to two different things: 1) A ...
A parallel or distributed computing system made up of many discrete systems that form a single, unified computing resource. Clusters vary in their features, complexity, and the purposes for which they are best suited.
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Two or more interconnected brokers that work in tandem to provide messaging services.
Network stations may be interconnected in such a way that input provided to any of the stations in the cluster may be automatically passed to all the other members of the cluster and to some or all of the stations connected to the cluster. A packet radio user may connect to a cluster by first establishing a link with any station that is part of the cluster.
A set of hosts running the same server software in tandem with each other.
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touffe grows in a clump or cluster
A genotyping cluster is two or more M. tuberculosis isolates that share matching genotypes. An epidemiologic cluster is two or more persons with TB who share known epidemiologic links. See Cluster investigation, Epidemiologic cluster, Genotyping cluster, epidemiologically confirmed genotyping cluster.
A category assigned to a neighborhood based on the assumption that the households share certain demographic, social, and economic characteristics.
Key industries that, due to a concentration of skills and knowledge developing around them, have real potential for economic growth. Bioscience is one of the clusters that have been targeted for development in South Yorkshire. There are currently 0 glossary entries for this letter. There is currently 1 glossary entry for this letter.
In physics, the term clusters denotes small, multiatom particles. As a rule of thumb, any particle of somewhere between 3 and 3*10^7 atoms is considered a cluster. Two-atom particles are sometimes considered clusters as well.
In the blob compressor, a cluster is a constellation of patterns that repeated within the acceptable tolerance.
Diamond ring or other jewellery containing a number of diamonds. Also a number of kimberlite pipes occurring in close proximity.
A membership option for general members that share a local, online, automated library system with libraries that are not general members. The general member provides OCLC database records to the nonmembers for holdings not owned by the general member. This membership option requires a separate written application and agreement with OCLC.
When you are surveying people in their homes, it's very expensive to travel all around a city, interviewing at one home in each suburb. For efficiency, most door-to-door surveys use cluster sampling, where a starting address is chosen at random, and interviewing is done at a number of nearby homes - often about 10 of them.
A logical collection of WebSphere application server processes
The combination of a configuration directory, a corporate user directory, a relational database, a web server, and one or more Netscape Application Servers. This combination of components is the environment for deployed applications, which are run by the application servers.
a learning community model in which a cohort of students enrolls in two, three, or four discrete courses linked by common themes, historical periods, issues or problems.The faculty of the cluster courses may create some, or a great deal of connections between classes.
spatial collection of molecules or atoms (sub units), which possess a particular degree of order or state of symmetry and being in exchange equilibrium with its environment; clusters in liquids and gases show an increased rate of fluctuations of the sub units on their surface
An aggregation of relatively uncommon events or diseases in space and/or time in amounts that are believed or perceived to be greater than could be expected by chance.
Set of points close to each other in data space
The simplest kind of symbolic concept. Columns, or modules, may be the physical implementations of clusters.
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The name given to the set of related files that provide keyed access to records. A minimal cluster includes a primary index file and a data file.
A set of instances that cooperates to perform the same task.
A set of molecules forming an entity.
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A collection of machines, called hosts, on which grid engine system functions occur.
Collection of habitats and support systems making up a Belt city.
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See Awareness cluster
Chemical term describing hydrogen bridges between molecules.
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See basic question and cluster.
A local gathering of related businesses.
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see 'School cluster'.