Definitions for "Clusters"
A geographical concentration of firms or industries that gain performance advantages through co-location
A grouping together of firms and institutions which can have vertical and horizontal linkages. The geographical concentration of clusters is not as important as it is with industrial districts, but clusters are more concentrated than networks. Their emphasis is on the development of cooperation among firms, with the objective of achieving synergy
Natural groupings of objects created by cluster analysis. In a cluster, objects are mutually closer to each other than to objects in other clusters.
Overarching divisions of UCSD libraries (Administrative, Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, Technology & Technical Services)
Is when several servers are interconnected to balance a load on a network. Processes a delegated to CPUs on spearate servers and they work together as one larger system.
A combination of tones played simultaneously that is dissonant.
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a high availability clustering solution for any size business that requires high levels of
Two or more computers sharing the same resources on a communication link.