Definitions for "Grouping"
' A language construct that is (in general) grammatically divisible; for example, `expression' or `declaration' in C. See Language and Grammar.
A language construct that is (in general) grammatically divisible; for example, `expression' or `declaration' in C. See Languages and Context-Free Grammars.
the activity of putting things together in groups
a system for classifying things into groups
1) Controlling the gain of several individual channels with a Group Fader. 2) The mixing together of several individual audio signals to send a mixed signal out of the console to record a track on a multitrack tape machine.
A collection of FTAM functions that are transferred as a single FPDU.
In 1923, 123 separate railway companies were grouped into just four, the Great Western Railway (the only one already existing), London Midland & Scottish, London North Eastern Railway and Southern Railway.
the simplification of data by sorting data into similar sets.
A set of Groups of Learners that can be used with Activities in a Lesson
Setting up "views" with a related set of elements such as core routers, all the servers in a department, and so forth. Extremely useful in performance reporting to enable you to better match reports to your existing business processes.
A tendency to group stimuli to form a unified picture or impression.
The creation and disbanding of groups of differing sizes, abilities, and interests for the purpose of providing specific instruction.
the technique used to combine the goods of several senders so as to effect the main shipment in one loading unit (generally a maritime container).
To combine in a group. ማሰባሰብ View
The disposal or relative arrangement of figures or objects, as in, drawing, painting, and sculpture, or in ornamental design.
The objects grouped in a logical manner. There can be a parent-child relationship between the grouping object and the objects it contains.
the process of categorizing affiliates to make the administration of affiliates more manageable
screen layout based on the clustering of related data; individual clusters are separated from others by white space or by lines drawn around groups; if task-appropriate, promotes user efficiency.
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Same as aggregate.
Assigning students to a class or teacher within a school.
A group of values for a variable, with an associated label. Groupings are essentially formatting statements that allow you to label individual or groups of values.
any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
Creating groups of records that share some common characteristics.