Definitions for "Sorting"
The physical act of separating one or two cell types from within a large population of cells to achieve a purity in the sorted cells far exceeding that present in the initial cell population.
A measure of the homogeneity of the sizes of particles in a sediment or sedimentary rock.
Process of selection and separation of SEDIMENT grains according to their grain size (or grain shape or specific gravity).
The process of reorganizing a list according to specified criteria - a file can be sorted by last name, company name, ZIP code, high donors, multi-buyers, recent buyers, etc.
Also known as collating, it's the machine's ability to assemble in your documents proper numerical or logical sequence. You can automatically make 10 copies each of 10 different things, or 10 sets of your 10-page document versus doing it manually.
In Direct Mail, the arrangement of pieces in a bulk mailing by sorting software to facilitate delivery
Ordering query results so that a certain attribute is in ascending or descending order. For example, a query on the Person object might be sorted by alphabetic Last Name. Multiple levels of sorting are possible, so that, for example, all of the "Smiths" would be sorted then by First Name.
The arranging of clips in a bin column in numerical or alphabetical order, depending on the column the user selects.
Arranging records in a file according to a specified sequence, such as alphabetically or numerically, from lowest to highest.
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Upon arrival at the winery, grapes are picked over to eliminate damaged or unripe fruit.
The process of quickly determining if a person you meet aligns enough with your Requirements. A successful single is able to initiate contact with people and get enough information within 5 minutes to know whether if someone has future potential, and if not, gracefully move on. If there is potential, the screening process would come next, where they get to know each other better.
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An option in some search engines that allows you to determine how you'd like your search results listed: by URL, relevance, domain or location, date, etc.
one of the 5Ss used for workplace organisation. Sorting involves organizing essential materials. It allows the operator to find materials when needed because they are in the correct location.
Choosing the order or hierarchy of what the renderer will draw first.
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Sorting and pricing by quality.