Definitions for "BOULDERS"
are large rounded stones, the coarsest component of gravel.
Large transported blocks of stone generally embedded in clays or gravels.
Large transported blocks of stone generally imbedded in clays or gravel. 22
Rock fragments larger than 2 feet (60 centimeters) in diameter.
Individual natural river-rounded stones larger than 18” in diameter and ranging up to several yards in diameter. Depending on the scale of the landscaping project and the boulder size, these boulders may serve individually as points of interest among smaller features, or can be aligned or stacked to produce boundary markers, or retaining walls. Large Granite boulders can be the centerpiece of your landscape plan.
rock material greater than 300mm diameter.
Boulders is the first solo album by Roy Wood. Apart from harmonium on track 1 played by John Kurlander, all the instruments (including guitars, cello, saxophone recorders) and voices were by Wood, who also wrote and produced the whole album. The front cover also featured a self-portrait, albeit unfinished.
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Soil grains over 200mm in size.