Definitions for "Porphyry"
A term used somewhat loosely to designate a rock consisting of a fine-grained base (usually feldspathic) through which crystals, as of feldspar or quartz, are disseminated. There are red, purple, and green varieties, which are highly esteemed as marbles.
from Greek porphyros (purple); a reddish-purple rock highly resistant to erosion. Many sarcophagi were made from porphyry
Any igneous rock in which relatively large, conspicuous crystals (phenocrysts) are set in fine-grained groundmass.
(c.232-c.305 CE) was a philosopher who helped found Neoplatonism.
An influential 3rd century Syrian mathematician and philosopher who studied in Athens under Longinus and in Rome under Plotinus. An opponent of Christianity, he wrote a synthesis of Aristotle and Plato, a work on vegetarianism, a biography of Pythagoras, a commentary of Euclid. His commentary on Aristotle's Categories led to the later development of the study of Logic.
Philosopher (233-304 A.D.) of the Neo-Platonic school who devised a house system based on dividing each quadrant of a horoscope, as determined by the angles, into three houses of equal size.
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a dense purplish stone quarried in Egypt
Digital space for building and confronting interpretations about documents
deposits characterized by huge size, uniform dissemination and low average per ton