Definitions for "Rocks "
An aggregate of one or more MINERALS rather large in area. The three classes of rocks are the following: (1) Igneous rock - crystalline rocks formed from molten material. Examples are granite and basalt. (2) Sedimentary rock - A rock resulting from the consolidatrion of loose SEDIMENT that has accumulated in layers. Examples are sandstone, shale and limestone. (3) Metamorphic rock - Rock that has formed from preexisting rock as a result of heat or pressure.
rocks are made of 2 or more minerals
Stones. Palestinians throw stones at soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles--it is a symbol of defiance and resistance.
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heroin, also cocaine
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(rox) - what Scouts both ate and slept on back in the days when old Scouters                                                 were Scouts themselves and the program was really                                                tough.
a web site dedicated to the Pennsylvania music scene
Rocks is the fourth album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released in 1976 (see 1976 in music).
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A whisky served "on the rocks" is not diluted, and served over ice cubes.
This is a drink served over ice.
A toolkit produced by NPACI designed for integrating, deploying and installing software on remote clusters of computers.
a schedule database affiliate with PA MIDSTATE
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Short darts or speed darts
are very tight players who only bet and raise in highly  favourable circumstances.
Rocks protects sockets-based applications from network failures . It works entirely at user level and is transparent to ordinary applications.