Definitions for "Sandstone"
A rock made of sand more or less firmly united. Common or siliceous sandstone consists mainly of quartz sand.
clastic rock composed of grains from 0.0625 to 2 mm in diameter, usually quartz, feldspar, and rock fragments, bound together by a cement of quartz, carbonate, or other minerals, or by a matrix of clay minerals.
A cemented or otherwise compacted detrital sediment composed predominantly of quartz sand grains.
Natural stone with porous, granular texture, usually very porous.
yellow stone used to build some mission churches
A soft to medium-hard stone used for walls, foundations and chimneys. The softer variety is used for interior veneer.
the protective sandstone roof sheds rainwater to vertical cracks. This roof protects the existing wet and dry passageways from further erosion.
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