Definitions for "Oolite"
A small sphere of calcium carbonate no more than a few millimeters in diameter and with a concentric internal structure . These spheres are thought to have formed by inorganic precipitation of calcium carbonate in very thin layers around a grain of sand or a particle of shell or coral. A rock composed primarily of oolites.
A limestone consisting largely of spherical grains of calcium carbonate in concentric spherical layers.
A variety of limestone consisting of round grains like the roe of a fish.
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Oolite is a 3D Space Sim in the spirit of Elite, offered free (as in beer) under a Creative Commons license. It is, as the name suggests, Object Oriented [E]lite, written in Objective-C. Among Oolite's several similarities to its inspirational source, the gaming experience is enhanced by the context set in Elite's original manual, and the accompanying novella, The Dark Wheel.