Definitions for "Calcite"
Calcium carbonate, or carbonate of lime. It is rhombohedral in its crystallization, and thus distinguished from aragonite. It includes common limestone, chalk, and marble. Called also calc-spar and calcareous spar.
The main mineral form of calcium carbonate.
A mineral form of calcium carbonate. Principle constituent of most limestones.
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Niagara Escarpment
Helps kidneys, spleen and the pancreas. Removes toxins from the body and alleviates mental fear. Aids mental clarity, soothes anxiety, calms turbulent energies. Expands awareness, aids intuition, links parallel realities. Good when undertaking mental change.
Helps gall bladder, improves physical energy, also expands awareness etc as above.
Carries the golden healing ray. Gives comfort, helps cheer depression. Good for most of what ails you
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Improves eyesight. Brings spiritual understanding into challenging circumstances and situations. Helps when doing regression.
the media used in a neutralization system to neutralize acidic water