Definitions for "Def"
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how old skool writers,hip hop dudes used to say dope,sick,sweet,ill, etc...etc.. Some one will probably look at you with big eyes if you say it today.. Unless your 62 years old.
The word def is hip hop (including graffiti) slang for 'great,' 'ill,' 'dope,' 'fly'--generally, a positive adjective. Taken from the root word 'definitive,' if something is 'def' then it is classified as being very good. If something is very definitive in its representation of its genre or classification, it is 'def.'
DEFINITION FILE A file containing information for use by a compiler
DEF will disassemble a given Forth word in Motorola format. See the chapter '68000 Assembly'. Related Words: WORDS-LIKE DISM ADISM DUMP '
will show you the assembly language code that is put together by the JForth compiler. This is not for the faint of heart. It is especially useful for debugging immediate words that compile code, or if you suspect that the compiler is generating code incorrectly. This is extremely rare but can happen. Please call us right away if it does. Please see the section on the Disassembler for more details.
A drum that resembles a big tambourine.
(Pronounced "def".) A Def is a Middle Eastern frame drum which looks like a large tambourine.
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as in DEF-Jam. Well the initials work for Deborah Elizabeth Finn.
DataBase Management System (DBMS) A program that lets one or more computer users create and access data in a database.
Data is a set of discrete objective facts about events. Data are transformed into information by adding value through context, categorisation, calculations, corrections an d condensation. Data are facts and figues without context or interpretation.
A text file that contains one or more statements describing various attributes of an executable module. Module-definition files usually have a .DEF filename extension. See also dynamic-link library file.
Definitions + Defaults (file name extensions)
Definitions or Defaults or SGML Tag Definition SmartWare II Data File or C++ Definition
The basic editable unit of a design. Some common synonyms used by other systems are module, block, (schematic) page, and cell. Defs are included hierarchically within each other by means of uses.
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A course notation meaning Deferred, which may be given through the Registrar's Office in exceptional cases when a student is unable to complete course requirements due to medical or other reasons during the time frame provided for completing an INC grade.
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Drug Enforcement Forum
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Excellent (derived from definite and death).
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Defender Class
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Really good .