Definitions for "Dope"
Any thick liquid or pasty preparation, as of opium for medicinal purposes, of grease for a lubricant, etc.
Any preparation, as of opium, used to stupefy or, in the case of a race horse, to stimulate.
To give stupefying drugs to; to drug.
general term for drugs of abuse
Drugs. The Doors: This band from L.A. with the great Jim Morrison as lead poet, anarchist and debaucher gave the hippie movement a passionate, if somewhat psychotic visionary. Their music, with its strong beat and Fender Rhodes chords define a certain style that meshed well with the psychedelic flower power generation.
An absorbent material; esp., in high explosives, the sawdust, infusorial earth, mica, etc., mixed with nitroglycerin to make a damp powder (dynamite, etc.) less dangerous to transport, and ordinarily explosive only by suitable fulminating caps.
To treat or affect with dope; as, to dope nitroglycerin;
A tacky substance added to paper cones to damp spurious vibrations that can cause breakup and rough response. Also, see Editor.
add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties; "The resistors have been doped"
(to dope) To add certain types of impurities to the silicon to change its crystalline structure and enhance its ability to conduct electricity.
One who is absent-minded or eccentric; information; line of conduct; liquor; poison.
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Information concerning the previous performances of race horses, or other facts concerning them which may be of assistance in judging of their chances of winning future races; similar information concerning other sports; by extension, any information not generally known, especially when coming from an inside source; as, the inside dope.
To administer a stimulant to (a horse) to increase his speed. It is a serious offense against the laws of racing.
take drugs to improve one's athletic performance
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an ignorant or stupid person.
an ignorant or foolish person
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to impregnate with a dopant.
To judge or guess; to predict the result of, as by the aid of dope.
DOPE, or Discrete Optimized Protein Energy, is a statistical potential used to assess homology models in protein structure prediction. DOPE is based on an improved reference state that corresponds to noninteracting atoms in a homogeneous sphere with the radius dependent on a sample native structure; it thus accounts for the finite and spherical shape of the native structures. It is implemented in the popular homology modeling program MODELLER and used to assess the energy of the protein model generated through many iterations by MODELLER, which produces homology models by the satisfaction of spatial restraints.
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A preparation painted on the wings of an aeroplane in order to render them taut and weatherproof the fabric
carbonated drink flavored with extract from Kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States)
acronym for Double 0dd Pass Even, a method for showing aces (or key cards) after interference over Blackwood (or key-card Blackwood).
Highly combustible alcohol/methanol-based fuel mixture.
A substance that when crushed under enormous pressures and temperatures creates diamond.
The process of using any of a number of different chemical elements to alter the properties of glass, such as its refractive index.
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Excellent, of the highest order.
Request for target information as briefed/available.
Data that press agents gather for publicity purposes.
slang terms for inside information; "is that the straight dope?"