Definitions for "Binders"
Binders are added to mold materials in order to create a mold of sufficient hardness. Binders can be either organic or inorganic materials.
Materials that are added to a glaze or clay recipe to increase glaze adherence or impart strength to a body during casting or pressing.
Materials that cause fibers to bond.
Substances which are added to solid cosmetic mixtures to provide cohesion.
Substances approved for the purpose of improving texture, binding, stabilizing, extending or maintaining the shape or form of a product. See also EXTENDERS.
Binders are usually issued only in property and casualty insurance. And is an agreements entered into between the consumer and the insurance agent obligating the insurance company to provide immediate coverage until the actual policy is issued.
An agreement issued, usually in writing but may be oral, by an agent, broker or insurer to provide temporary coverage until a policy can be issued. A binder should include the name of the insurer, a specific effective time, the amount of coverage and the perils insured against.
In reference to cartridge filters, chemicals used to hold or bind short fibres together in a filter.
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an offer to the seller that is subject to the seller's acceptance.