Definitions for "Inorganic"
Not organic; without the organs necessary for life; devoid of an organized structure; unorganized; lifeness; inanimate.
Of or pertaining to compounds that are not derivatives of hydrocarbons; not organic{5}.
of, relating to, or dealt with by a branch of chemistry concerned with substances not usually classed as organic. Apart from such analytes as carbonates and cyanides, inorganic chemicals are those that contain no carbon.
A chemical or fertilizer which is not obtained from a source which is or has been alive.
a fertilizer made from a source that was never alive now or in the past.
Keywords:  ceramic, fuse, substrate, melt, pigment
a type of pigment, such as a ceramic oxide, that will melt and fuse to the substrate during firing
A substance not produced by some life form (e.g., metals, glass, or ceramics).
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Not capable of sustaining life. Often refers to dirt or soil.